Eye Exam

 The Importance of a Routine Vision Exam

A visual examination should be performed once a year to make sure the eyes are healthy, as well as seeing correctly. Eyes, just like the rest of our bodies, change but the eyes may not have signs that are as obvious. Glaucoma, cataracts and complications from Diabetes and high blood pressure may show up in the eyes without warning. A vision check-up is also quite important to ensure that we are seeing optimally.

Changes in our prescription can cause headaches and other visual discomfort so it is important to have your eyes checked and corrected, if necessary.

Children should have regular eye examinations beginning in pre-school. This can help them to perform to their maximum ability. If a parent notices their child holding a book too close, sitting too close to the television, squinting at distances, rubbing their eyes or seem sensitive to light, the child’s eyes should be check. School-aged children should have their eyes checked at least once a year. During their growth period from birth to late teens, the eyes may change as the child grows. It is important that we keep the prescription current.

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A contact lens examination begins with a routine eye check. We also measure the eye and examine the cornea and surrounding tissue to determine if it is healthy and could accommodate a contact lens. An important element of the contact lens examination is to have the patient use the lenses while still in the office to confirm that they are comfortable.

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